Arabic & Foreign Companies

In this post, I’ll share my experience with companies that sell products or provide services online. I hope if Arabic companies learn from foreign. cause I get a good feeling & respects with foreign companies.

In the Arabic online store, I bought 4 watches for my father in 2014, with a big sale discount, each one was SAR 1600 and after discount, it was around SAR 400, I should say wow. after many months one of these watches has out of battery. In fixing the shop, my father asked about its price. the salesman answered my father it is around SAR 400. this is the first word. that’s mean if my father asked for a discount, he will take 10-50 SAR, Ooooh bad feeling.

I contacted customer services. and I explained what happened to my father. but I got a non-professional answer from an agent. (at least no sorry word).

One time, my friend bought an airplane ticket from my Visa card, after some hours he changes his mind and canceled the reservations. we contacted this company, they told us they will deduct their fees and they will return the rest of the money after some days.

These (some) days, it took 60 days. 🙂

Nowadays, I’ve 2 experiences with foreign companies (In America).

First one, I bought a gaming PC from one brand, with customized specifications, the cost was high, also with offer included on their website. I chated with an agent on live chatting, and I requested more discounts on the product cost from him to complete my order.

Actually, I was shocked.

He thanks me for choosing the brand, and he requests some moments to ask his management. after those moments, he gave me a 15% discount on total (around 450 SAR). and he applied it to my cart directly.

after 3 days, they give me $59 in my account as a gift for purchase.

The second story, I received an email from one of the shipping companies, that has an offer if I register now they will make a premium account for one year as free. Ok, it is pretty offering.

I registered with them and linked my Paypal account with them. Oops, there is $60 deducted from my account to them.

I chatted with them and explain what happens, with less than 5 minutes, $60 refunded to my account on Paypal with a ton of Sorry on their mistake.

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